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Benefits of Membership

Many regulatory issues and initiatives require a unique focus on independent insurance agencies and marketing organizations (IMOs and BGAs) as well as independent insurance Professionals.

FACC understands, like no one else, that independent agents and agencies provide critical resources and support to help protect Americans’ financial well-being with guaranteed insurance solutions. FACC does not have competing interests with securities products and their distribution.

FACC, through its independent marketing organizations, agencies and agents, works to ensure:

• Regulatory awareness and acknowledgement of independent distribution

• Workable and administratively feasible compliance policies

• Increased producer training and education

• Improved awareness of the tools and strategies available to support its members

A Snapshot of Independent Distribution

Information provided by AccuPoint Solutions using data on more than 2.35 million insurance agents and 700,000+ financial advisors, BDs, and RIAs to assist firms with their data analytics, sales, marketing, recruiting and data enhancement efforts.