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Advisory Councils

FACC reaches out to IMO and industry representatives to serve on FACC Councils.  The participants vary depending on the regulatory or policy issue and the expertise required.  FACC is committed to serving its mission and fulfilling its vision by utilizing the expertise and experience of the following councils:

Advocacy Council

By engaging with regulators and policymakers, the FACC Advocacy Council aims to proactively advocating and influencing practices, regulation, and legislation that foster consumer choice. 

FACC’s Advocacy Councils helps determine advocacy issues and advocacy positions and strategies to achieve its core vision to promote a level playing field for independent distribution and preserves consumer choice.

The FACC Advocacy Council is lead by our Policy Advisor.

Education & Consumer Outreach Council

Through extensive and ongoing agent and agencies communication, education, and training, the FACC Education Council promotes the preservation professional advice Americans need to live securely and retire with confidence. 

This requires that insurance professionals help promote guaranteed insurance awareness and educate consumers on how to determine objectives and needs, while creating awareness of product choices and the benefits of guaranteed insurance solutions.  

The FACC Education Council is lead by our Education & Consumer Outreach Advisor.

Life Insurance Council

The FACC Life Council works to help independent distributors comply with federal and state regulations, as well as promoting members’ awareness of and adherence to carrier policies. 

Significantly, FACC influences regulation impacting life insurance distribution and a competitive product marketplace though direct engagement and influence with federal and state regulators and policymakers on issues that promote consumer choice.   

The FACC Life Insurance Council is lead by our Life Advisor.

Long Term Care Council

The FACC Long Term Care  Council promotes the preservation of consumer access to LTC solutions and professional advice Americans need to live securely and retire with confidence. This requires that the LTC professional understands consumer needs and awareness of product choices and the benefits of guaranteed LTC solutions  

Given the abundance of LTCi, Hybrid Long Term Care, and Long Term Care Riders on life and annuity products, education and awareness are a core focus of the LTC Council.

The FACC Consumer Choice Council is led by our LTC Planning Advisor.

                               Industry Council

Understanding our insurance industry and guaranteed insurance solutions is a core expertise of the FACC Board, Staff, and Senior Advisors.  Understanding the regulatory and governance process is critical to understanding the type of engagement and advocacy work necessary to promote an equal playing field for independent distribution.  FACC’s leadership and knowledge about the way in which advice, support, services, and education are provided by IMOs, and Agencies to their agents and subsequently by agents to their clients and prospective clients requires the Industry Council to be actively engaged in promoting the benefits of FACC to all of its core constituents.

The FACC Industry Council is led by our Senior Industry Advisor

Participate with us in our efforts to help independent distribution continue to lead the way in helping Americans attain and preserve financial security!.