Application for Voting Membership

Voting Membership is subject to Board authorization and dues are $1,000 annually.  Payments made after September 1st will secure membership through December of the following year.  Dues are non-refundable and subject to change with prior notice.

*Additional levels support FACC activities and mission and very welcome, but not required

Membership Levels
Business Activity (in percentage: %)

By submitting this membership request you agree your marketing organization or agency meets the following criteria:

Your firm is:

(i)                  independently owned and operated as a marketing intermediary engaged in the distribution of fixed insurance and annuity products, and

(ii)                not a subsidiary of or controlled by any insurance company, bank, securities firm, or other similar financial institution. “Independently owned and operated” means that no other business entity has an ownership interest of more than 49% in the marketing intermediary. No member shall have any right to title or interest in or to the corporation, its property or its affiliates.

Membership is not transferable.

If you believe you do not meet the criteria noted above and are intersted in becoming a Non-voting member click here!