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Our Press Release: Group Forms TO PROTECT FIXED ANNUITIES – Focused on Preserving Consumer Choice

The newly formed group, the Fixed Annuity Consumer Choice Campaign, or FACC Campaign, is led by Dwight Carter, President of Financial Security Associates and chairman of the new organization, and Kim O’Brien, a well-known annuity advocate.
Its primary emphasis is pushing for permanent placement of fixed indexed annuities under the 84-24 Exemption with other fixed annuities.

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Sign Our Petition to Fix the Treatment of FIAs

Please sign a letter of petition to Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta urging him to delay implementation of the Fiduciary Rule exemptions. Join our campaign to extend the transition period to July 1, 2019 and fix the treatment of fixed indexed annuities.

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Round and Round We Go (Where We Stop Nobody Knows)

It’s been another interesting week with the usual mix of the good, the bad, and the uncertain. In any case, we appreciate your continuing interest! FACC’s goal for this blog is to provide you with reliable updates and correct a lot of misinformation that seems to be floating around in our industry.

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